Permalink | 0 notes Burger thuggish at the opening of Note To Self by @sleazymccheesy @scienceism thanks to @theseventhletter for another night of extra everything on it and a side of debauchery
Permalink | 1 note Getting in close as JURNE works on one of many dope hand cut pieces for “Note To Self” show with my brother STEEL at The Seventh Letter | July 19 | 7pm @theseventhletter @scienceism @sleazymccheesy #NoteToSelf #theseventhletter
Permalink | 7 notes I always feel like…. #somebodyswatchingme #tbt #intruderalert @knowudont @kevinleelight
Permalink | 2 notes Not on instagram but still on instagram (photo by SKREW MSK AWR) @theseventhletter #skrew #madsocietykings #angeleswillrise
Permalink | 4 notes The stakes is high @zesmsk #madsocietykings #losangeles
Permalink | 5 notes Step Masters
Permalink | 0 notes If you’re think you’re on top, you have no place to go but down #LosAngelesPOV
Permalink | 1 note It’s the color that you put into this world not the color you are
Permalink | 1 note Hanes model application denied but happy birthday anyway brother @aloy_21er 🍻🎉
Permalink | 4 notes I get up high with a little help from my friends. Sky graffiti over DTLA by @saberawr showing some love to @krushthemagus @jerseyjoeism @knowudont and GK